Monday, May 25, 2009


May 25, 1991

Seems like a ways back, but it's always fresh in my mind. It was an 80+ degree, 95% humidity day. The Cleveland Cavaliers were in the playoffs. My buddies and I were sneaking off to find a TV showing the Cavs playoff games. But it wasn't the temperature, the humidity or the Cavs that make that day special.

May 25, 1991. Eighteen years ago, it was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. This year, May 25 is Memorial Day.

Lots of things have changed since then. Beer commercials show guys sneaking off during parties to find a TV showing their sports games. The Cavs are back in the playoffs on a consistent basis. And the Cleveland temperatures still reach the mid- to upper-80s with a significant dose of humidity added.

Eighteen years ago, I was in a limo with my brother and buddies, sneaking a peak on the limo TV of the Cavs playoff game. A mere hour earlier, I was sweating like crazy through my shirt, cumberbun, and jacket, being wed to my wife in a very hot and muggy church.

One thing hasn't changed. That is the love, adoration and admiration I have for my lovely bride. The Cleveland weather may change every fifteen minutes, but not Marie. She is the most consistent, stable and supportive person I know. She is simply amazing. Marie runs our household, home schools our children, knits like no one else I know, and puts up with me, 24x7. Whether it's ranting and raving about work, talking politics or bands, or just figuring out where we want our life to go, Marie is always there for me. I couldn't have asked for a better helpmeet if I had designed that person from scratch. Who says God doesn't know what He's doing?

Happy Anniversary, Marie. Thank you so much for a wonderful eighteen years. I can't wait for the next eighteen to unfold along with you, side by side. I love you!