Monday, May 26, 2008

Men & Women, and Their Choice of Tools

Sometimes, tools and talents go undiscovered by people for their entire life. Other times, it just takes a little frustration, inspiration or time for those tools and talents to be discovered.

My wife, Marie, has always had a talent for writing, and over the past couple years learned that she's pretty good at this knitting thing, too. (BTW...Happy Anniversary, Marie. We turned 17 years old yesterday!) She's decided to spread her wings, and start a second blog. You gotta see her new digs at Picking Up Pen and Needle.

As for me, I'm trying to upgrade Running in Circles a little bit, and make us more party- and event- available, instead of just having us play bars and deal with lots of the baloney from bar owners and booking agents. Plus, it'll keep us playing a couple years longer - getting home by 1am from parties instead of at 3am, like we do now.

I created this video, which I hope to use as a promo cd for the band. Let me know your thoughts. (Photobucket cut off the last 30 seconds, but the full video is viewable on CD.)

Finally, have you stopped at So Many Idiots, So Little Time yet? I'm looking for this week's submissions.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Idiots of the Week

If you're interested, take a look at this blog: So Many Idiots, So Little Time (SMISLT). The content and writing style may look familiar to some of you.

Blogging about my personal life was not my thing, and I wasn't "quipping" as I had hoped. The new digs should be more up my alley, and will get me back into the heavy doses of humor, sarcasm, and wit that I like conveying the most.

Oh, but I need your help. 'Tis a weekly thing, and I need your input. Can ya help a guy ferret out the idiots? Thanks.