Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lurkers, hiatuses and global warming

Ha! You are wondering how the three items in the post title are related, aren't you? Well, that's a piece of cake. And, no, it's not a test with the answers forthcoming in a future post.

I am making my next business trip to Florida starting this weekend. Fortunately, some very special people will be with me. :-) This means that my business hours and non-business hours are all pre-planned, leaving very little time for new posts. That's the hiatus part.

I may get a little internet time upon arriving at the office and during lunch. So, while I won't be posting, I hope to get around to your blogs and enjoy your new posts. That's the lurking part.

Now, for the global warming part. :-)

Brian and I have had an intriguing dialogue on global warming at the Brave Humans site. (Here is the post and subsequent commentary.) If you read through it, I think you'll understand that there is something different happening at Brave Humans, and you won't see anything like it on left wing or right wing blogs. So, while I'm lurking around your blogs for the next week, why don't you lurk around Brave Humans for a while.

Off to 70-degree temperatures. Hurrah!

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