Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Idiot of the Month

I have two posts ready for public consumption, but I couldn't pass up this one. It is my first Idiot of the Month post.

The winner is:

If you don't know who this character is, I will give you a few clues:
  • He is a restricted free agent for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • No other team in the NBA tendered him a contract offer. Not one.
  • The Cavaliers tendered him an offer higher than what is expected for someone of his tenure, let alone his level of performance.
  • He rejected the offer.
  • He is sitting around, being all mopey in his homeland of Brazil.
  • Because of his being mopey, he couldn't even represent his home country in the Basketball Tournament of the Americas. Way to take one for the team!
  • He says the Cavs' GM, Danny Ferry, has not treated him fairly. Pretty good, considering the Cavs were offering him more than he is worth, yet he has no offensive skillz. (Shall I say those skillz were offensive?)
  • He wants a sign-and-trade, where the Cavs sign him to a "respectable" contract offer, then immediately trade him to another team. Yeah, right. Give him more than he is worth, even more than what the Cavs originally offered him, then trade him to a team that didn't want to afford him in the first place. BWAAAHAAAHAAHAAAHAAH!!!
His nickname, if you care, is "Wild Thing". His real name is MUD!, I mean, Anderson Varejao.

Congratulations, Andy! You win my first Idiot of the Month award.

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Scottius Maximus said...


Idiot of the Month rules! A much higher honor than idiot of the week.