Monday, January 21, 2008

Super Test

With Super Tuesday coming soon, I think it's time to have a Super Test. The test is simple.

1. Read these articles:

Article #1
Article #2
Article #3

2. Answer this question: what does each article reference that which our current crop of Big Box candidates only gives lip service?

If you fail the test, then maybe you shouldn't vote in the November Presidential election, because you have no idea on what this country is founded.

If you fail the test, you should visit my political links on the right, because you just don't get it. back to your regularly cordial Quipper.


Scott said...


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GDAEman said...

Yes, the Constitution. But do beware. It was written by a wealthy minority to protect that wealth (only land-owning white males could vote, Senators were elected by state legislatures, etc.)

Remember the saying "It takes money to make money." They had the money, and that's the way they wanted to keep it, while throwing us a bone.

I'm not pushing socialism, but the American Revolution consisted of one wealthy elite fighting another wealthy elite.

Of course, it's more complex than that; the Constitution was a vehicle for gradual power sharing. The wealthy weren't about to give it all up in the name of democracy... not in their lifetime nor that of their children.

Thus, as we've seen, the rest of us, over the generations, have had to fight for more constitutional rights (starting with the first 10 Amendments AKA Bill of Rights).

I'm pushing for changes to the constitution: More human rights and less corporate rights.

Lets keep debating in the spirit of the Founders.

Scott said...

(only land-owning white males could vote, Senators were elected by state legislatures, etc.)

I, for one, am perfectly OK with that. Let's bring back literacy tests too!

Sorry, but those living off the teat, with power to vote "more teat" just bring us all into the toilet. It's a classic conflict of interest.