Friday, March 28, 2008

A Takeover

Pastors and Pastorettes,

Do you have an awesome vision for your church and the way it should work?

Is your church membership bucking your vision, you know, the one given directly to you BY GOD?

Are your members acting like Christianity started some two-thousand years ago and actually has a history behind it?

It's up to YOU to do something about it!

Okay, enough of the gibberish. I stumbled across what looks like a rational view not of what happened to Issues, Etc., but the "why".

This is an excellent article by someone who has seen this before. I think the confessional congregations ought to tell their members - even those that do not have computers - about it.


Polly said...

I tried to tell you guys that last year at our conference the d.p. was encouraging seeker sensitive services, and nobody would believe me!

Rick said...

I wouldn't say it was disbelief as much as it was hope the upcoming convention could stop the bleeding.

So much for that.