Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hi Ate Us

It's been almost two years since I followed in Marie's footsteps by creating my own blog. My, how time flies. I have thoroughly enjoyed making my Quipper News Service, Quipper Entertainment, Idiot of the Week, Definition Warp and music posts. I haven't necessarily liked posting about politics, but you could tell it hit a nerve with me many times.

Over the past couple months, I noticed myself having less and less quality time to peruse the blogosphere - including the personal blogs that I look forward to reading - let alone investing the time to find something meaningful or humorous to say.

Thankfully, though, I never obligated myself to writing a post or being on any regular type of posting schedule. Nor did I introduce myself to the blogosphere with any inclination of how long the fun would last, or that it would need to continue forever.

Yes, that means that I am terminating any semblance of regular posting to this blog. When I realized I wasn't even visiting some of my favorite "must read" blogs any more, I knew my time to concentrate on any regular blogging and reading had run its course.

Is the blog going bye-bye? No, I will keep it up. I plan on making reference to the political, music and referential links on the site regularly. I hope there were favorite posts that you would like to re-visit, too. I may still post the occasional Idiot of the (pick one: week/month/year), or a special note to my family, but the semi-regular frequency of posting will cease.

As time occasionally becomes a luxury, I hope to visit your blogs and comment where possible. I have enjoyed making new friends - and I do consider all of you to be my friends - across the U.S. this way. Maybe, one day, we can meet and sit down over a coffee, a beer or a meal. If you plan on passing through Cleveland on your travels, let me know.

God Bless,


Scottius Maximus said...


Come back!!!

It's your blog. You can post as often as you'd like. We'll still read it, whether you post once a day or once a month. Just don't leave us little folks without Idiots and Indians news!

I know what you mean about time being a luxury sometimes. I hardly have time to leave comments these days. Anyway, you're always welcome at my place.

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Say it ain't so!!! :-(
Don't leave!

Frank said...