Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm Voting for Pedro

No, this isn't live blogging at the Presidential debate. The debate would have to be a living event, attended by living beings for that to happen. These two characters can't hold a candle to watching paint dry. Heck, if they are not careful, they might motivate me to login and do some work for my office tonight.

I walked away from the TV less than ten minutes into the debate. I've been listening from in front of the pc ever since. Multi-tasking is keeping me from going insane.

I could barely sit all the way through Napoleon Dynamite. But this debate makes it look like an Oscar winner.

A commenter on Michelle Malkin's site said this debate sounds like listening to Charlie Brown's parents. I had thought the exact same thing a couple minutes before reading the comment.

My comments:

  • Neither of these opponents can stray beyond their company line.
  • Politics without competition sucks. When you get good and have no competition, you play it safe. Both competitors are playing it safe. Which sucks.
  • The effeminization of our federal government is complete.
  • I'm voting for Pedro. At least he'll make all my dreams come true: I could ignore him, and not worry about the government doing ANYTHING to destroy my family.


Mossback Meadow said...

Love ya Rick, but I think you're about six months too late. Aside from the fact that you didn't like Napoleon Dynamite? What the hey!!

In my humble opinion, anyone who doesn't vote for McCain at this point is unAmerican. Obama is the puppet of a coming socialist revolution.

Rick said...

Hey Polly,

You're right, I see your point. No current Republicans voted for the socialist bailout.

And no Republican POTUS candidates offered to reassess mortgages for people who could no longer afford them, either.

And I predict that no Republicans will side with the thought of the Federal government buying equity positions in banks.

I'm so glad the Republican Party is 0% complicit in the socialization of our country.

/sarc off

- Liberals are evil. (At least, the liberal leadership is.)
- Republicans are wimps.
- The wimps will still give in to the evil, no matter who is in office.

Scott said...

Ouch. Unamerican? Ouch!

I would suggest the unamerican ones are the ones who vote for parties that demonstrate a willingness to usurp the authority of the people. That would include Republicans and Democrats.

Who sponsored the bill to quell free speech in America? John McCain. Who signed it into law? George Bush. Freedom of Speech is about as "American" as it gets. Cutting that down is about as unamerican as you can be!

When did we see the largest expansion of the federal government since the New Deal? When the Republicans had a majority in congress and the Executive.

In my humble opinion, anyone who votes for the person they dislike the least, any person who votes for one candidate because it's a vote against another, is betraying the core principal of the duty of citizens to vote.

And Polly, name calling and bullying is not good logic to support any position, however untennable!

Unamericanly yours,

GDAEman said...

Been a while. That "bail out" is robbery. I'm reading "Bad Money" by Kevin Phillips and we are witnessing a small minority of wealthy people play us like a fiddle. We gotta hold Obama's Feet to the Fire.

Glad to see you blogging at this location again... your various other adventures threw me off for a while. I'll have to check out your profile to see if you're spending time elsewhere.

As for N. Dynamite... there's just something about him that grows on you.

I agree with Scott. Both parties represent the elite... Am I repeating myself?

Rick said...


I will hit this blog occasionally. I don't want my other blog to become exclusively about politics, although it could because most politicians are idiots.

Funny, though, the only change will be in the Executive administration, yet we still have the same bozos - and more of them! - in Congress. That's where the real change is needed. They are the law makers, they are the ones that got us into this mess.

GDAEman said...

Yea, if they made Progress they wouldn't be called Congress.