Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Freedom is Dead

In his first public speech after the 9/11 attacks, President Bush said, “Freedom was attacked.” How right he was.

Now, a mere eight years and five months later, freedom is dead. Well, at least in the United States. The Partisan Democrats were joined by three Bipartisan Republicans to pass the largest socialist reform in America since, well, since, I don’t know. I haven’t done the compare/contrast to the New Deal to know for sure. I can say that thanks to the traitors in both parties, nationalized socialized health care is a certainty.

I hope none of your parents are past their working years and in need of an organ replacement.

I hope you don’t have kids just starting a practice in the medical profession.

I hope you don’t pay taxes now, because you’ll only pay more.

I hope you don’t home school, because that implied right will probably be taken away when the U.S. adopts the UN Rights of the Child contract.

We are who we elect. We let this happen to us because race, emotion, and “getting along” were more important than doing the right thing. We are lazy and selfish, and know better how to boss others around than to discipline ourselves.

Sounds just like our Congress and their puppet leader, The Jerk:

The only things left to do now are to lay waste to this concept of a consumer-based economy by spending no more than we absolutely need to, saving or investing the rest, letting the house of cards continue to fall until only the resourceful and self-sufficient remain, and teaching our kids about the “outdated” priniciples of civility, respect, responsibility and accountability.

Oh, and voting these idiots out of Congress in 2010 would go a long way to resolving this problem, too.

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