Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Company Change That Didn't Happen

As a friend and I would discuss a particular topic, I'd often say, "I don't know why we're here (i.e. in this situation)...if it's solely for our friendship, that's good by me.  We may never know."

"We may never know."

"We may never know."

That thought struck me as other realizations hit home this morning.  I was THIS CLOSE to having a different job this past February.  More money.  More responsibility.  More like my previous job, but bigger.  More recognition, more spotlight. The person for whom I would work selected me for the job; that person's boss selected an internal candidate, pointing to the company's hire from within policy.  I ended up not getting the job.  
Another friend told me about an opening at their company about the same time I started interviewing for the job I did not get.  I liked the opportunity, thought it would be a great fit and that I would enjoy the work.  I got the job.  It is a great fit, and I do enjoy the work.  A big win!  Fast-forward to today....
"We may never know."
Hindsight is 20/20, and I can now play Monday Morning Quarterback on the company change that didn't happen.  Thinking about it, I was hit with such a sense of overwhelm that it, figuratively, knocked me off my feet.  Had I been selected for the other job, I'd be:
  • Working, minimum, 60 hrs per week, plus normal air travel to two other locations.
  • Missing everything relative to my daughter's growth, schooling, and baking pursuits.
  • Missing everything relative to my son's growth and musical accomplishments.
  • Making my wife play career widow, yet again.
  • Missing my brother and sis-in-law have their first child.
  • Not having any time to join my current band, or make new friends that have come through that experience.
  • Likely not having enough time to remain with my previous band, either.  And...
  • Not having any time to pursue my original music dreams.
That was enough to freak me out.  Then I also realized:
  • I would have been supporting a system I didn't believe in
  • For an industry I don't like
  • And a political entity in which I have no confidence, at all, yet likely...
  • Out of a job today due to the performance of the systems I was to support.
I can't put into words how thankful I am to my family and friends for their support as I made a decision to change companies.  The extended time with my wife and kids, the new friendships I've made, and the existing friendships that have been enriched, wouldn't have been possible if not for the way things worked out.  Thank you, God, for your grace and mercy!

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