Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Morning Wake Up Call

Ah, Saturday mornings. Saturday is the one day I can usually count on sleeping in. (Recognize that "sleeping in" usually means I wake up before 8am.) But, alas, my son is taking after my brother in redefining the "alarm clock".

In high school, I worked in a tavern as a busboy. I would work on Friday nights until midnight. My brother didn't really care - and if you're reading this, bro, you may not remember this - and would end up using his alarm clock to wake me up some time shortly after 8:30am on Saturday. Here's what the "alarm clock" looked like:

A musician needs to practice, after all. :-)

My son, the Engineer, is following in his footsteps, sort of. Because he has asthma, like me, and because his bedroom is on the first floor, we have a monitor set up in his room so we can listen for problems. The monitor also picks up anything else going the piano he was playing at 7:30 this morning.

I unplugged the monitor. Didn't help; he definitely knows what it means to play forte instead of piano.

So much for sleeping in this morning. At least we know he likes the instrument.

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