Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Unconventional Research

If you're interested in learning about what the media won't tell you (or doesn't want you to know), let me recommend several sites that provide excellent info:

  • The Tenth Amendment Center is about, well, the Tenth Amendment. The latest post is from Ron Paul, libertarian/Republican candidate for President. Not only will you learn about proper application and also abuse of the Tenth Amendment, but you will also learn a bit about Ron Paul.
  • Maverick News Media covers many facets of the War on Terror, from home and abroad. It's always a good read, and links to many excellent blogs as well (including this post at Town Commons, which is Fred Thompson's response to Michael Moore's challenge via debate).
  • Redstate.com, which not only calls out Dems, but Republicans when necessary, too.
  • And last, but absolutely not least, Principled Discovery conducts a Carnival for Principled Government. Dana has conducted five of these carnivals already; I only wish I could make the time to thorougly read through all of them.

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