Friday, June 08, 2007

Just a Bassist In a Rock And Roll Band

Today's the day! We're geeked, we're pumped, we're psyched!

Our August 14th gig at House of Blues was moved up to tonight. We're ready and rarin' to go.

Big night, hope we do well. It could lead to other H.O.B. gigs and corporate events. And we won't look like we are in a boxing ring...

Or in a tavern aisle.


Presbytera said...

Can't wait to hear how wonderfully you perform!

GDAEman said...

Speaking of being back... My bad. I need to check in on Patriots and Tyrants.

Rick said...


You haven't missed much lately on P&T. Scott and I have been very busy in a number of areas, and haven't posted anything new in a while.