Saturday, July 14, 2007

He's Right, Failure Has Occurred

I gotta give it to Harry Reid. He is absolutely correct. The U.S. has failed at war.

But which war? I say, not the Iraqi war. I say, not the Vietnamese war. Yeah, there are (and were) problems with both. I've never known a professional football team make it through the first quarter, score tied or at least close, and give up because the game was over. Only fans do that, so maybe Harry is more a "fan" of the war than a stakeholder in it.

You tell me one person who could make the perfect decision every time, and I'll show you a person smart enough not to go into politics. :-)

The political war has failed. You know, the one where Democrats and Republicans show off their awesome power and aptitude to the detriment of the country as a whole. The one where the duopoly is in power, and all others are also rans or fringe candidates.

What do I mean? First, let's define "failure" according to Mr. Reid:

  • We've been engaged in battle for too long. We'll skip the part about who defined "too long" for now, as that is a farce in its own right.
  • We've spent too much money on this initiative.
  • Results aren't spectacular enough.
  • We've lost out on other opportunities (i.e. the opportunity cost of engaging in Iraq), such as Darfur and other UN peacekeeping initiatives.
  • Families are still getting hurt, either through death or other not-so-drastic forms of hardship.

Now that failure has been defined per Mr. Reid's (and others') talking points, let's see what has truly failed:

  • The War on Poverty - how much money spent? How long is "too long"? What other opportunities were wasted so we could continue to support these entitlement programs? Results? Aren't most of these families we were supposed to help still having troubles, and aren't new "poor people" created every day?
  • The War on Drugs - porous borders, lack of enforcement, a two-decade program. Results?
  • The War on Immigration - geez, the symptoms sound a lot like the failure points for the War on Drugs. Results?

And, the grand prize goes to:

  • The new Democratic-led Congress! Looking at Reid's own key performance indicators, the Democratic-led Congress is a bigger failure than the war in Iraq. Results?

Harry, I agree with you. You have failed. You've been doing this for too long. You've spent too much money to do it. You've lost out on other opportunities by continually engaging in the political war. Results are desired solely for political gain. And not only are families getting hurt, but the entire nation is being hurt. All on your watch.

Thanks for nothing.

(Republican "leadership", you are no better. You both stink, and both need to be replaced.)


Scottius Maximus said...


Wow, that was awesome!

I'm sick of them all. I used to be Republican, but they have shown in the last 13 years that they are just as empty-headed, greedy and power-mad as Democrats. Now, I'm just me.

I still think you should run for office.

Dana said...

But you don't understand. The solution to all of it is yet more of the same. Give ALL the power to the democrats and throw more money at these programs. Oh. And amnesty.

Then all will be well. Right?

Rick said...


I cannot run for office. I can't deal with monkeys all day! Oops, sorry. :-o

Dana, it'll all be well. As long as I stop thinking for myself. :-)

John said...

The War on Drugs is a hopeless quagmire that has only encouraged sectarian violence and poverty. It's time to withdraw our troops, and in a hurry.