Sunday, July 01, 2007

CLC Radio

The next installment of CLC Radio will be ready in the next day or two. I'm currently having technical difficulties uploading to podOmatic.

If you've noticed the right-hand column in my blog, I now have the CLC Radio listener embedded there. When you click onto my site, the most recent podcast will be displayed at the top of the listener's list. Currently, it's on Trinity 3. So, if you're reading this and it no longer says Trinity 3, then we've uploaded a new podcast.

You can listen by clicking once on the listener, then again on the "play" button (the right-facing arrow) at the top of the listener.



MyUtopia said...

Happy fourth!
Great game last night between the Indian's and Tigers.

Rick said...


Happy Fourth to you, too! It was an excellent game. They've all been close so far. There is a playoff intensity when they play each other this year.