Wednesday, August 15, 2007

End Times

Prognostications, made by prognosticators

These guys always get it wrong
They set dates, miss dates, revise dates

They say they had to tinker with their research, their translation, their computations.
It's never that they really don't know and can't tell.

They reassess and start again,
As though they are perfect and we just don't understand.

Oh, I'm not talking about evangelists. I'm talking about climate change prophets.


And by the way, why wouldn't the environmentalists be for reformed Christianity, American style? Specifically relative to the rapture? After all, if the rapture is real, a la Left Behind style, millions upon millions of human beings would be removed from the earth, leaving only the truly intelligent (i.e. the unsaved) who would know best how to raise children and reduce CO2. And they wouldn't have those pesky Christians to deal with. :-)

They would also have a better human/animal/vegetation ratio. After all, they think the optimal planet population would only be a couple million people, don't they?


Secret Rapture said...

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Rick said...

I read some of Secret Rapture's material this morning. He admits to being a spammer, and his stuff is way out there.

He missed the context of my post, though, just like most managers don't read their e-mails correctly at work. :-)

His points are odd, humorous, and off-track, but browse to your heart's content.

Secret Rapture said...

Your mention of the Rapture triggered my spam.

GDAEman said...

With the financial bail outs coming for the crooked Wall Street firms, it feels like "end times"... again.

We're still bailing out the Savings and Loan thieves, and other financial institutions that were "too big to let fail" (LTCM, Continental Illinois). When they get that big they function like monopolies and distort the so-called "free market." Frankly, I'm not buying it.

Whine, whine, whine. Hey. I think we should be partaking in more wine ;-)