Friday, July 21, 2006

This Just In...A Very Special PSA For You

The non-profit organization Devoted Americans with Maternal Notions wants to make everyone in Amerikka aware of a very serious addiction that is just starting to affwict many voters, er, Amerikkans. This disease is called Bloggers Overdose. Primarily, it affwicts politically conservative bloggers and blog readers.

We, at D.A.M.N., are starting a call to arms (not the 2nd amendment type, that would be awful) to warn everyone about this very serious disease. Warning signs are:

  • Dissatisfaction with public skouls
  • Hatred of NYT editors
  • Reduced viewership of all news programs not sponsored by FOX (gosh, how we hated writing this bullet)

Before this becomes a national epidemic, D.A.M.N. recommends that the government begin a national awareness program, and start levying fines on any conservative blog garnering more than one hit per day. We believe that, by doing so, we can eliminate the conservative bloggers - oops, we mean eliminate the problem - or gain enough in fines to fund the Democratic Party without the assistance of MoveOff.orq.

As always, we are only concerned with your well being.

Thank you.


Emily said...

Talk about freedom of speech...

Scott said...

Fox suxxors too. Get yer news off the `Net.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

You wrote that post way too well.

Quipper said...

Scott, we don't watch much telly, so we get our news off radio and the net.

Barb, I'm glad you liked it. Don't worry, though, I will not be creating a "public service" group any time soon.

LuvGlock said...

damn! good post! ;-)

Des_Moines_Girl said...


Oh that was too good!

Sir Darth Merlin Bilbollum Finn said...

I'll go with what "LuvGlock" said. Ecxept I'd like to say:

D.A.M.N.! ;-) Good post.