Sunday, December 03, 2006

Egg On My Face

Silly me. To think, I told Scottius Maximus that I didn't believe the Browns would win another game this season. Not with the way they played last week, anyway. They not only won, but looked like a real team, to boot. Before Charlie Frye, our QB, got knocked out of the game with what may be a broken wrist, he was doing everything right. His backup, rookie Derrick Anderson, picked up where Frye left off. Great job by the rookie playing in his first NFL game. The defense didn't do all that well, but picked up their effort when they needed to.

But I must digress, and make this week's top Idiot of the Week awards about college football, where The Ohio State Buckeyes will play the Florida Gators in the BCS championship. (Sorry, Meee-chi-gan, you didn't even win your conference; you didn't deserve to play in the championship game.)

Win - The USC Trojans. They controlled their own destiny, but couldn't beat their in-town rivals, UCLA. It proves just about anything can happen in a rivalry game.

Place - The Florida Gators, who tried their best during the third quarter of their game yesterday to blow the lead, and force the BCS committee to schedule a rematch between OSU and Meeeeeeeeee-chi-gan.

Show - Rex Grossman, Chicago Bears QB. Yes, I'm back to the NFL. After the first half, the guy was something like 3-for-10, for thirty total yards passing and three interceptions. How the Bears continue to win with this guy at QB is a mystery. Scottius, help me understand these things!

Honorable Mention - The BCS formula. For no reason other than debate about an OSU-Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee-chi-gan rematch should not have been necessary.

What will Thursday night hold, when the bad Browns play the ever-so-slightly-better Steelers? Only nobody knows. :-)


Marie N. said...

YOU can tell US all about Thursday, seeing as you will get to enjoy (well, view anyway) the game from a tavern with a local Browns Backers club near your companies corporate HQ in Florida.

Who will show up? The Dec. 3rd team or the Nov. 26 team?

Quipper said...


With their Jeckyll & Hyde personality, we may see both.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I'm just now getting around to responding to this week's posts.

Rex Grossman is an enigma. I don't get him, either. But I do think he'll turn it around. He started off hot. Now everyone knows his tendencies, and he needs to adjust. It's just a matter of him adjusting to the adjustments other teams have made to him. Which is, I think, partly why the Bears continue to stick with him.

Right now I think most of the troubles he is having is on the coaches. He's not been prepared to deal with what he's seen recently. Just an opinion, a hunch; I have no facts to back me up. A guy just doesn't go from dynamite to loser in less than 6 weeks.

That and they continue winning. If the Bears were 2-10, no way he's in there.