Monday, December 11, 2006

How old am I?

This site says I am 34.5 years old. It's a neat health test that tells you, based on habits, environment, and family history, how old your body is relative to your chronological age. The survey takes twenty minutes to fill out, if you filter past the marketing questions. :-) Every other page or so is another plea to accept subscriptions from them. You can successfully not answer them, and still complete the survey. (Hint: the first page that says "what subjects is your family interested in" is a marketing page, not a survey page.)

BTW, if you are wondering...I am 38 3/4 years old. So, I'm doing a little better than my age. Woo hoo! Now, if I'd only eat more veggies and fruit....


Anonymous said...

Whoa. My name is mudd.


Favorite Apron said...

real age - 32.8
actual age - 40.9