Sunday, March 18, 2007

Diversity Training

Mrs. Quipper and I are persons of color.

You don't believe me? Then you haven't been to our house...

For all of you homeowners that love whitewashed walls, this will give you a change of scenery without giving you a heart attack...I hope. Heh, heh.


Scott said...

I like the scheme in your bedroom. I've wanted to do something like that in our living room for a while.

And the bathroom remodel looks great!

Marie N. said...

Heeeeyyyy -- nice! ;-)

Thanks, Scott. We like it too. After living here for 9 years without, it is really nice to have a full size shower and heat in a bathroom.

Scottius Maximus said...


Looks nice.

Which bedroom is yours? And which picture is of the bathroom? I was going to guess, but I didn't want to sound like I was some kind of an idiot or something.

Quipper said...


No problem with the asking. In order:

- Artist's bedroom & homeschool study area
- Engineer's bedroom
- Parents' bedroom
- Remodeled bathroom
- Den
- Living room

Kayla said...

Bedroom is really nice.
You guys are very creative

Quipper said...


It's good to hear from you again. I'd like to take the credit, but that goes to my wife. After almost 16 years of marriage, she finally got the bed and bath colors that she wanted. :-)

chaplain7904 said...

You really are people of color. I like it. Is this new, or did I miss it last time I was over (July 15th?)

I hope you treasure your present home. In future years you'll always look fondly on it, so will your kids. Today is tomorrow's 'good old days.'

Quipper said...


The bathroom is new, and the Engineer's room changes are probably new to you, too. All the others are as you have seen them.

By renovating the basement, and making a few simple security-minded changes outside, we like our house a lot more than we did previously. While it was always home, it's now "HOME". The difference is hard to put into words.