Monday, March 05, 2007

To My Artist

Dearest Artist,

Today is a very special day for you. Your age no longer has only one digit in it; it now has two.

I wish you a very happy, fun and wonderful 10th birthday. Double digit ages mean lots of neat things. Your mind continues to develop, and makes you think some things your little brother says sound really, really silly. They weren't silly five years ago when you said them, but your brain now realizes that they were pretty silly.

Your body continues to develop, too. You may find that walls jump out at you once in a while (maybe Emily at church can explain that phenomenon to you), and the growing pains will still occur. Other things will change that you and Mommy will have plenty of chances to talk about, too.

Mommy and I need to help you pay more attention to, and understand, things that are going on in the world around you. Some of them will sound really ugly to you, while others will sound really exciting. After we talk about some things, you will probably say, "Why did they tell me that?" How do I know this? Because I asked myself the same question after my mom and dad talked with me many times.

The way you have fun will change, too. Sooner or later, you may not want to play the same games with your brother, or even with me. But that's okay, because we will have new games to play instead. And maybe we can work more on playing basketball this spring and summer, and help you become really good at making baskets.

For everything that will change, there are many things that will remain the same. I will expect you to trust, listen to, and obey your parents, grandparents and anyone else who we allow to have charge over you. I will expect you to respect other people and their property. I will also expect you to give your best effort in everything you attempt, whether it is in piano practice, tae kwon do, baking, or anything else you want to try.

Mommy and I will always pray for you to be safe, healthy, and faithful. I will always be there for you, even if it means you have to call me on the phone when I travel to Florida. I doesn't matter whether you want to tell me good news, have a question, or are sad. You can always talk to me.

And, finally, Mommy and I will continue to love you as we always have, and always will.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!



Jonathan said...

Very touching.

My oldest son will turn 10 in October, my youngest 6 in August. Our kids growing up is bitter-sweet. Things you miss and wish you could do different with and new pleasures and levels of relationship.

God bless you as you train your children in the way they should go...

Emily said...

Yes... the walls. Always be suspicious of the walls. :P I have a theory that they move from the speed of the earth rotating. Or something...

MyUtopia said...

Happy Birthday!

Quipper said...

Jonathan: Thanks!

Emily: Yes, I've seen those walls step out in front of you. :-)

Marge: The Artist says "thank you very much!"

Lutheran Lucy said...

Tell the artist Happy Birthday! :)
She is blessed to have you and Marie as parents! Blessings!