Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seven Feet, Six Inches

Sunday, March 25
Sixty-something degrees
Sunny skies
No precipitation

That's the perfect recipe for bringing out the basketballs and shooting hoops in the backyard. Good times all around. (No pics; I was too busy having fun, too.)

In order for the kids to have a chance at making baskets, we have the hoop set at the lowest setting, 7.5 feet. Just high enough for the kids to make baskets, and low enough for a few blog-friends to slam dunk the basketball and make fools of ourselves.

The Artist started by practicing her dribbling and shooting layups - a hard-to-comprehend concept for her, still, but she is improving.

The Engineer used the new kickball, and for the first time made a basket all by himself. The smile on his face was beautiful to see.

Good times all around. And it's only March. :-)

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