Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Circular Logic

A liberal poem:

You can't have war!
It doesn't work
especially to protect your oil interests.

You must do something else.
ANWR's not the answer
although nothing really lives there.

Get away from oil
Go green!

Ethanol is good.
But we need to feed the world first
so send your crops to Africa.

Solar works well; well, some of the time.

The nuclear option
isn't one.
It's not clean,
Even though it's green.

But don't really get rid of gasoline,
because we like the tax.

Now that you understand us,
go fix your problem!


Jonathan said...

This was good (except is it a poem if it doesn't rhyme?). Did you write this yourself?

Rick said...


Yes, I wrote it all by myself. :-)

Poetry does not have to rhyme. This poem is a free verse style.

Babette said...

You are liberal with the humor, Quipper.

Our old Mercedes-Benzes run on biodiesel, thank the lard. Every now and then we line up with the libs. Does our embracing of alternative fuel cancel out the fact that we own 6 of these cars? It's not so outrageous when the 5 teenagers are considered...I won't mention the other 6...

Go GREEN, indeed! May my beloved SPARTANS win the Frozen Four tonight! Happy Easter to you and yours!

Rick said...

Hey Babette,

Congrats to your Spartans for winning the championship yesterday.

I don't mind if people want to find alternate fuels. My problem is when people mandate the use of alternate fuels, then also try to mandate WHICH alternatives are the appropriate ones. They can't dictate both.