Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lois Lane Gets the Benefit of the Doubt

My wife referred me to Scribbit's blog post - okay, her kids' blog post - about Superman vs. Spiderman. It's a great post and makes for fun reading; point #1, which compares Lois Lane to Mary Jane, is a hoot...

...which brings me to my contribution here. In real life, I wear glasses. I need them for driving among other things, like staring at a computer screen for 8-10 hours per day. When I'm gigging, though, I don't. Co-workers attending my gigs often comment afterwards that I look completely different than I do at work. They think I muss my hair differently (I don't) and dress differently (I don't - my gig "outfit" is usually my Friday work attire). The big differences are that I don't wear my glasses, I'm standing behind a mic, and "hiding" behind a bass guitar.

Now that you've heard that, I have to tell you about my own Clark Kent moment, which happened at our gig this past Friday night.

Our drummer has most of his gear set up by the time I get to the venue. The other four band members arrive after I do; that's not intentional, it just works out that way. While the drummer and I were setting up on Friday night, a couple ladies at the bar - they were enjoying the tail-end of happy hour, dressed in business attire, and sober by all outward appearances - asked me what type of music we played. I explained it to them, gave them some examples, and satisfied their curiosity. I then went on my way, and continued my setup.

About twenty minutes later, I went to look around the bar and the dining area, but was not wearing my glasses at the time. Before going back to the stage area, I stopped by the bar to ask for a glass of water. (Watch out, you have no idea how wacky 2-3 glasses of that stuff can make me.) After I asked for my drink, one of the previously mentioned ladies asked me if I also played with the band. I said yes, and left it at that. She next said that we looked like brothers. Huh? I apologized for not understanding, and asked what she meant. She explained that I looked just like the other guy....

Trying not to bust out laughing, I explained to her that I was the other guy, but that I took off my glasses.

Yeah, she was a bit embarrassed. And, yes, this is a true story. I guess I'll cut Lois Lane some slack. :-)

BTW...those two ladies liked the music. They stayed and danced through the second set, which ended around 11:30pm. And that, my friends, is what we get paid to do...keep 'em on the dance floor.


Jonathan said...

...or maybe, that's the new line girls are using these days to 'hit' on guys.



scribbit said...

Maybe Lois isn't that dingy afterall?

I don't know if it'll convince the kids but at least it gives Lois a bit of vindication.

Rick said...

Jonathan, yeah that's all a guy wants to her...gee, you look just like that other guy. Sounds like a heck of a pickup line. :-p

Scribbit, thanks for stopping by. Either she isn't as dingy as we thought, or she has many peers.

Rick said...

Oops, that was supposed to say "wants to hear".

Zeb said...

So you are the guy that i played with in the band "Collision Bend" for over a year? Man, I think I worked with you also!!!