Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm so excited! I am preparing 4-6 posts that are chock full of great commentary, rhetoric and wit.

I'm having trouble finishing all of them. I don't know if spring fever hit me, the nickel-and-dime home improvements consumed me, or the truly new and exciting challenges at work enveloped me. Regardless, my posts are in varying states of completion - from having an outline to tying up loose ends.

Lotsa output.

Is anyone else going through this right now?


Jane said...

Absolutely. :)

Yoda said...

writers block?

Take a nice long walk -- works for me!!

Jonathan said...

Busy busy busy! Traveled to a customer this past week (quality issue resolution), TS16949 & ISO9001 Quality Audit all this week, cleaning the house from 'top to bottom', little league baseball, church ministry, college class...

Otherwise, I got nothing to do.

Scott said...

I've got it so bad I almost didn't even post this comment!


Rick said...

Jane: I'm happy I'm not the only one. :-)

Yoda: I've tried walks, playing basketball, jamming on the just ain't workin' right now.

Jonathan: Eew, you said ISO. Sounds like you had a very busy week.

Scott: Basketball... basketball... basketball (Scott lives 20 minutes away and has been begging to play basketball. :-)