Thursday, September 13, 2007

Definition Warp iii

Word: apolitical

Definition: not political; of no political significance: an apolitical organization. (

Warp: doesn't exist any more, at least in terms of describing principles and beliefs.

Over a decade ago, I started complaining to Marie that certain subjects and issues should not be of no significance to governments. Or, at least, government should be diligent not to legislate on either side of said issues.

Now, no subject has merit, per se, unless it is politicized.

What happened to our liberties again?


Scott said...

"...certain subjects and issues should not be of no significance to governments."

{googly eyes}

Is that Engrish?

Rick said...

Er, that should have read "should be of no significance".

Thanks for the proofreading that I couldn't do for myself. Are you an illegal immigrant? :-p

John said...

What happened? Fundamentally, an erosion of property rights is at the root of the erosion of liberty. It takes money to run a government enterprise, and that only comes through theft. All taking of liberty begins with taking property.

Dana said...

I have a great quote about this, but it is in German. Nothing sounds as cool and alliterative once translated, but after going on about the increased size of the welfare state and the fact that the economy would essentially crumble if the government were to suddenly get out of that business, the author goes to note something interesting.

The state is invested in your misery and lack of health. Were you healthy and happy, the economy would fall apart. (It is from the "Guide to Unhappiness" I talked about a few days ago.)