Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bad Behavior

I thought it might be safe to table the Idiot of the Week awards for a while, but I was mistaken.

Before I go there, I would like to say how much the Browns' offense reminds me a bunch of the Brian Sipe-led Kardiac Kids of the late 1970s. When the Browns are behind, the opposition must be scared stiff. It seems this team responds best while under duress, which isn't where you want to be against the better teams in the league. They almost pulled out another win today, in a game they had no business winning.

"Why?" you ask? That's a short list:

  • The offense only really played for two quarters again.
  • The special teams didn't show up at all.
  • The defense lost their head on a few bone-headed plays that either resulted in points given up or yards lost for our offense.
Yet they still almost won. If these guys ever learn how to play as the favored team, they could go far. Until then, we have to watch this team take their lumps.

Drum roll, please...

Win - Leigh Bodden, cornerback. After the defense stopped the Cardinals to bring up 4th down, Bodden kicked the ball off the field of play. This is a penalty, called "unsportsmanlike conduct". Instead of the Cardinals punting, they were awarded an automatic first down, and proceeded to score a touchdown. There are seven points that should not have been on the board.

Place - Simon Frasier, OSU Buckeye alumnus and Browns special teamer and defensive lineman. He head butted a Cardinals player as our special teams were returning a kickoff to set up for our final drive of the game. Penalty again. 15 yards further to drive, requiring more precious seconds to tick off the clock. Dumb, just plain dumb.

Show - QB Derek Anderson. He knows how to play from behind, but gets too relaxed (or lazy, maybe) when expected to win. His first quarter play was horrendous and directly cost us seven points, although he almost made up for it at the end.

Honorable Mention - The BCS, for not finding a BCS game for Missouri. It's time for a playoff system in college football.

Kudos to Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards for their spirited play today. Winslow's end of game catch, although being pushed out of bounds, is highlight reel material. Too bad the ref swallowed his whistle instead of a) calling pass interference, which he should have (the hit came before the ball touched Winslow's hands), or b) declaring that Winslow was pushed out of bounds, as everyone was griping about.

They get to try again next week. Hopefully they will have learned their lessons.

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Scottius Maximus said...


I like the current CFB system. It generates tons of regular season interest and heated debate.

It's always been like this, even before the BCS. We used to have a champion crowned by the votes of writers and votes of coaches. At least we have one game now.

Some years there is a clear champion, other years it's up for grabs who is best. Even if we had an 8 team playoff this year, who'd you put in the tournament and who'd you leave out? All the teams are flawed. Some team will be left out and arguing they should be in.

The formula is simple- win all your regular season games and you should do fine.