Monday, December 03, 2007

Curious Questions

Some of the muck going around in my mind today:

1) If an Allah-loving jihadist celebrates his religion's victory over an infidel by shooting his AK47 in the air, but forgets that bullets do not defy gravity and therefore kills a fellow jihadist, is the killed man considered a martyr?

2) If a Muslim man despised a woman because he couldn't have her, would he rape her so she could be executed on account of her promiscuity?

3) The British teacher that was pardoned for naming a stuffed animal Mohammed apologized sincerely. Since Islam is the religion of peace, will she be forgiven by those that wanted her murdered?

4) While the crazies in the U.S. want to ban smoking to lower the costs of health care for society, and are doing their best to ban trans-fats, why don't they want to reduce the occurrence of conception out of wedlock, which would have greater utilitarian benefit?

5) On the subject of health care, why is prevention a valid option for everything except AIDS and HIV?

I know the answers already, but the questions were churning in my mind anyway.


Scott said...

Just a quick correction: The teacher did not name the bear. She allowed her (presumably Muslim) students to do so.

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Good questions! Unfortunately, I have no answers.

The whole teddy bear incident just has me shaking my head.

Rick said...

Scott: yeah, I knew that.

DMG: the answers are:

1. He would probably be recognized as a martyr, since he was in the intifada. (infantada? That sounds better since it has the word "infant" in it.)

2. It would work, and would be allowed under Sharia law.

3. Probably not. Have you ever heard of a case of forgiveness against an infidel? I have not.

4. It's not about the utility, it's about the control (or rather, who does the controlling).

5. This one really sticks in my craw. Prevention means responsibility. You cannot have responsibility and "freedom", as desired in the aids/hiv fight; they are mutually exclusive.