Thursday, August 17, 2006

Customer Service, American Style

This really happened to a co-worker within the past week. Enjoy!

I thought I would share with you my experience with the offer that is posted for Sprint outside the HR office. Last week during my lunch I signed on and ordered a new phone. Within hours I received a shipment confirmation and the next day they hit my credit card for the cost of the phone.

Well, yesterday I got a bill from Sprint for service on the phone that hasn't arrived yet, as well as the price of the phone! When I called Sprint I was informed that I should not have been charged until the phone is activated, but the phone is on backorder and it will be awhile before they can ship it - remember they sent me a shipment confirmation last week. Since I felt this was a pretty bad business model, I asked that they cancel the order, which they promptly did.

After canceling the order for the phone, they transferred me to a different department to cancel my service. At this time I was informed that they can't cancel my service until after I activate the phone. Activate the phone? I don't have a phone to activate, and they have already cancelled the order for the phone. I explained this to the CSR, who informed me that once the phone arrives I should take it to my local Sprint store to have it activated, at which time I can then call back and they'll send me a return kit.

OK, lets see if I have this straight... once the phone arrives, that never will because I cancelled the order, I should drive out of my way with the phone I don't have to a Sprint store so that they can activate it. Once they activate the non-existent phone, I should then call back to get a return kit so that I can send you back the phone I don't have. Once you receive the phone, you will cancel my service? Yes she replied - and then reminded me that if I don't return the phone within the 30 day money back period they will charge me the $200 early termination fee.

I'm thinking the 24% discount isn't worth it - but I could be wrong.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

My husband has dealt with Sprint as a customer and with Sprint as a client. Not fun. 'nough said.