Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Drive By Thoughts

Since I am the drive-by Quipper, here are some drive-by thoughts:

  • We practiced yuppie survivalism today. (See this site for the real thing. Scott, you do us proud.) Our fridge gave out today - or yesterday night, but who really cares when it happened. We pulled out our coolers and tubs, filled them with ice, then with food. Survival, kind of like yuppie camping is downgrading from the Sheraton Suites to the Hampton Inn.
  • While I cooked a dozen brats - of which nine ended up in one of the coolers - Mrs. Quipper and I engaged in extreme blog reading. I read over her shoulder, and she navigated. See, who says your professional talents can't be used at home? :-)
  • Have you been watching Last Comic Standing? I believe the two finalists - Ty Barnett and Josh Blue - are the best two comics, based on laughs, belly laughs, and content. But, one question persists: if one loses, do their fans complain of bigotry or racism?
  • And finaly, an instant classic by Des Moines Girl. So many good points, all done with humor.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Where did you guys stay over the weekend? ;)

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Hey Quipper! Thanks for the nod! Glad you liked my post. Venting can be so therapeutic...and if I can make other people laugh at the same time then all the better.


Quipper said...

Barb - in a shack, on the river. :-)
Just kidding. We stayed in a Hampton Inn in Marietta, OH.

DMG - agree 100%. It was all I could do not to awaken, er, I mean disturb my co-workers when I read your post during lunch.

Scott said...

Hey Q.

Next time you loose refridgeration and have to move the stuffs to the cooler, put the food in first. Heat rises, doncha know...




Quipper said...

Scott, next time I will be specific with my details. We actually did what you said. :p