Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What Did She Just Say?

The Quipper family went to a restaurant after church on Sunday, and the waitress said the oddest thing:

"If you need anything, my name is Gina, and I'll be serving you. Just call me and let me know."

I'm a tech-head, computer programming-type. My thoughts follow logical paths (most of the time, anyway). So, my question is: what's her name if I don't need anything?

It's just as good as, "well, if I don't see you again beforehand, then have a good vacation." What am I supposed to make of THAT?!?


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I think this is a tad overly pedantic, but maybe it's just me. :)

Des_Moines_Girl said...'s like the wellness survey I took at work this week.

Question: How often do you avoid tanning beds?

Uhhhhhhhhh...(mental brown out) My head hurts...

Quipper said...

Barb - I just thought it was funny. Do you want your computer programs to not be logical?

DMG - it depends on whether they jump out at me. :-)

Scott said...

{refraining from an english lesson...}


Harder than I thought...


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Oh, I want my computer programs to be logical. That's why I rely on my husband! Of course, he'd say I am the overly pedantic one in the family, and he'd probably be right. And yet with my faulty human logic, the Scientist has inherited this trait from me, and it annoys the $*&# outta me! :)

Quipper said...

Scott, why show restraint? It's only a blog. :-)

I could point out the grammatical error in my comment to Barb, but I won't. It would be very picky (heh, heh).

Quipper / recovering geek (but it takes time) / admitted, not recovering smart-alek

MyUtopia said...