Monday, January 29, 2007

Long Time Coming

On a prior post, called "Diversify", I commented about the need for more viable political parties. I also committed to adding links to political resources. I initiated the list with Infidel Bloggers Alliance and None of the Above, and have since added Pedestrian Infidel and Brave Humans, to which I accepted an invitation to be a contributor. (My fresh-baked initial post is available for viewing now.)

Yes, to those of you who don't follow or don't care to follow politics like I do, that means my blog will become somewhat less political again. However, it will not become completely void of political ramblings.

Anyway, my goal is to provide links to resources not affiliated with either major political party. If you'll take note of my "Politics & Political Parties" section, you'll see a bunch of brand spankin' new links. I did not include all of the parties I found. Why? Because some of them were either single issue or emotionally based, and that's not what I'm about here. I selected parties that had somewhat of a name recognition, embraced democracy (at least in theory), and took a comprehensive approach to its platform.

Be forewarned: I am not in agreement with philsophies of every party, nor do I always agree with my fellow contributors and commentors at Brave Humans. (And as some of you know, I don't agree on everything with every Christian I meet, either.) My intent is not to provide my preferred parties, but to provide alternatives for people from all aspects of the democratic portion of the political spectrum.

If you know of any other viable sites that don't toe the Democratic or Republican party line, please let me know. I would be happy to add them to my links.


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