Thursday, January 11, 2007


Look, up in the sky. It's a's a's...

It's SuperQuip!

SuperQuip uses his extraordinary powers to help mankind all around the country.

With the click of a mouse, he enables people to leave work on time and go home to their families. He decodes technical mumbo jumbo into words and concepts that non-techies can understand. He explains the frustrations of people who only want to do their jobs to the supporters who can fix their problems.

"SuperQuip! Help! My user doesn't understand what I'm saying!"
SuperQuip swoops in, makes a quick phone call, and takes care of everything.

He plays the bass with aplomb! (Not with a pick.) Astounding onlookers left and right with his diversity, switching from rock, to funk, to disco, while keeping that twinkle in his eye, that smile on his face, and that bounce in his step all hours of the night!

"SuperQuip! You need to learn this new song in less than two days! Can you do it?"
Not a problem, just another minor challenge.


SuperQuip, at home, is known only as "Hon" and "Daddy". Teaching piano to the Engineer, helping the Artist with her Tae Kwon Do lessons, and spelling Mrs. Quipper when she needs moments of sanity, mild mannered "Hon" enjoys relatively quiet days at home. No world calamities here; just tickle fights, good meals, marvelous family, and a place that any superhero would be glad to call home.

Is your everyday life drudgery, or fun? Mine is fun, even when not everything goes the way I hope it does. I hope you can see the everyday adventure in your life, too.


Jonathan said...

(chuckles...) :-)

Marie N. said...

And on days like today you really do fly.

We will miss you! Looking forward to Friday when you come home again :-)

Lutheran Lucy said...

Hey Quipper, good post! We have a lot of fun around here too although it is usually at "Lucy's" expense! Oh well!

Quipper said...

Lucy, thanks! Hope all is well for you in St. Louis.