Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I say "White American"... say?

(My actual response in a day, or two, or five.)

The Quipper


Favorite Apron said...

. ... cheese on rye.

Scott said...

Eminem... (Lyric warning)

Or "Racist Punk!" or "You can't SAY that!"

Scott said...

By the way, I also say "minority."

California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico. (I think those are the 4. I know there are 4...)

Which makes you wonder: If there is a job available in one of those states, and it comes down to the two best candidates, one white, one non-white, does the white guy automatically get the job, or is affirmative action really what I think it is?

Time for me to stop. Thanks for getting me all riled up!

Marie N. said... yellow cheddar.

I also bemaon "What did I start when I offered choices of cheese on the burgers on Father's day?"

Quipper said...

Mrs. Quipper gave away the secret. She gave the choice of cheeses for the burgers on Fathers Day, and I thought about doing a word association blog.

Scott pretty much answered as I thought he would. But Scott, I like your AA question. Maybe you should interview with an Urban company and see what happens.