Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time Out!

No, you're not in trouble. Neither am I. And I don't need to replace the starting pitcher - C.C., where were you last night? - slow down the other team, or prepare for a game losing field goal. (Yes, I know what I said there.)

It's time for a little R&R. Just Mr. and Mrs. Quipper, sans kids, off to the Columbus area, for wine tasting, horse riding and laughs.

Now, for the question you didn't know was coming (parents, drag your kids into this one for a little summer math fun):
My age is a product of three prime numbers
The sum of which
When subtracted from my age
Is one more than the number of years we've been married.

So, how long have we been married? (Mrs. Quipper is not allowed to answer or give clues.)

Which is why we're getting out of Dodge for the weekend - we're celebrating our anniversary, four weeks late. I'm sure pics and stories will soon follow after we return.

Have a great weekend everyone!
The Quipper


Scott said...

You were supposed to give me the details on your accomodations!

What's a prime number?


Find Married.

Impossible. Not enough information. We need to know how long you've been married and how many growth rings are on ya. (I've heard both, but I can't remember...and surely not every reader of your stimulating blog knows that much detail about you.
Readers may find this info helpful, but we're still missing an important variable...but then, we've solved the final question, haven't we?

Nyah. :-P

Quipper said...
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Quipper said...

Looks like the adults need some instruction:

a) A prime number is one that can only be divided by itself and 1 and give a quotient that is an integer. For example, 3 and 5 are prime, but 15 is not. 1, 2, 3, and 5 are the first four prime numbers.

b) Your model is correct. Now why don't you just spit some numbers into a computer model and see what ya get? I know you know how to use computers. :-p

c) Students are not supposed to have the teacher's edition of the book. No cheating, now.

G said...

You were married 102 weeks before me.


G said...

Oops! I forgot the 4-week offset. Make that 106 weeks.

Quipper said...

What, no guesses yetÉ (Cannot tell if the question mark character works on the hotel computer yet.)

Clue 1: first prime number is 1
Clue 2: the third prime number is a double digit prime.

Jane said...

Maybe 13 years?

1, 2, 17

This is a total guess, 'cus I have no clue how old you are. I just remember that your lovely wife looks young. :)

Quipper said...


You gave it a good shot. Close, but not quite.

Another clue: My 15 yr class reunion is way behind me, and the 20 year reunion is in sight.

Scott said...

But, you see, we can't actually SOLVE the equation, we're just guessing like the carnies who try to guess your weight etc.


Oh, and thanks for the lesson Mr. Professor, but I was being facetious. Need a link to Mirriam Webster for that one??

I know it sounds harsh, but it's still funny and you know I love you man...and wife say MAN AND WIFE!

Congrats again on your anniversary and I hope the celebration was as splendid as it sounds. You missed my wonderful, maahhhvelous speech-a-fying yesterday tho. :-)

Quipper said...

What's a Mirriam Webster? Is that like a (Just kidding.)

You can actually solve the riddle/puzzle/math model now, if you look at yesterday's post. But you have to want to apply yourself to the problem. (Like the light bulb that had to want to change.)

Now that you know "married", you have to find Mr. Quipper's age. Shouldn't be a problem for you smart types. (Or was that smart alek types?)

Scott said...

"Application" has always been a shortcoming of mine.

it's not one of my spiritual gifts...

kate5kiwis said...

yo quipper, here via barb the evil genius.. my hubby is a math teacher and i am c-o-n-f-u-s-e-d..

"inconceivable. you keep using that word. i do not think he means what you think he means..."

My age is a product of three prime numbers
2 x 3 x 5 = 30
The sum of which 2 + 3 + 5 = 10
When subtracted from my age 30 - 10 = 20
Is one more than the number of years we've been married. 20 - 1 = 19
how could you be 30 and married for 19 yrs??

My age is a product of three prime numbers 2 x 3 x 7 = 42
The sum of which 2 + 3 + 7 = 12
When subtracted from my age 42 - 12 = 30
Is one more than the number of years we've been married. 30 - 1 = 29
or you could be 42 and married for 29 yrs??
are you a toyboy... what am i missing here??
happy anniversary...

kate5kiwis said...

btw, i always thought that 1 is a prime number, but when i googled prime numbers, 1 isn't included???

Quipper said...

The answers are (drum roll, please):

P1 = 1 (It is a prime number, at least in the "old" math)

P2 = 2

P3 = 19

So, I am 1*2*19 = 38 yrs old.

We are:
Old-(p1+p2+p3) = married + 1
Old-(p1+p2+p3)-1 = married
38-(1+2+19)-1 = married
38-22-1 = married
38-23 = married
15 = married

Thank you all for playing along.

kate5kiwis said...

:o) quipper
i'm so sorry to burst your bubble. it's just that i asked hubby-the-mathematician about the puzzling prime number thang, and he says that 1 is *not* (and never has been) a prime number because:
1. it does not have exactly two integer factors (it only has one factor)
2. it is a perfect square

westley:That does put a damper on our relationship.
lol :o)

Quipper said...

Oh well, that just means I learned something new today (or re-learned something forgotten). Thanks for clearing that up.