Friday, June 16, 2006

Trying To Find Yourself?

Stop. I found you. You're sitting in front of your computer.

When I hear people say this, it usually means "people that don't know me or care about me have told me my life is meaningless."

I have the remedy:
1) Turn off the TV
2) Turn off the radio
3) Turn off the music (yes, a musician said to turn off the music)
4) Do what you do best with or for someone who appreciates it.

It's amazing how quickly you'll find yourself.

The Quipper


Scott said...

What is it that I do best? Hmmm. Perhaps a "Spiritual Gifts Inventory" will help me discover it!!

Still acting sick? Using this time wisely? Found any CW worship service videos?

Quipper said...

Not acting (nice try, dude). Using time wisely? To the tune of 4 hrs sleep yesterday, and an additional 90 minutes sleep today. Now, I'm catching up on work (how fun is that!!!). I've guaranteed myself two additional meetings with my French counterparts next week due to being out of work the last two days.

Malingerer. Ha!

No CW service videos...yet. Actually, I found one xCMS congregation that indicates on their website that they have a "southern satellite", but will not mention that it's called 'Epic Flow'. That sounds Lutheran, doesn't it???

LuvGlock said...

Wow. That post made me feel good. :-)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

A little background music can be nice! Or a Cleveland Indians game (if they're not getting their butts kicked.):P

Scott, do you really need someone to tell you what you do best? (evil grin)

Quipper said...

This year, the Tribe is a whole different post - or series of posts. I'd better not get on my soapbox...yet.

Soapbox Swiper said...

*swipes soapbox* Soory, but it's my name and I keep wearing mine out.