Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pimping the Bible for liberal causes

After seeing this, I had to double-dip on the blog today. Disgusting.

And, nonetheless, breaking the law to make their point (from Michelle Malkin)


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Profaning the Word of God for their own causes. Indeed disgusting. I hope their punishment (by the judicial system) is severe and they do not lead too many others astray.

KrazyinBrooklyn said...

All I have to say is STUPID,STUPID,STUPID!!

Presbytera said...

Did you notice that the link to CONTACT US does not work. Maybe they don't have internet access in jail. It's amazing to me that they call upon America to repent but not Japan for killing Americans at Pearl Harbor. God actually uses swords to bring punishment upon nations until the LAST DAY and then He will ultimately do the judgment. Oh well...

Scott said...

Let us review, shall we?

they are up in arms because our bombs demonstrated the ability and will to end the war, and they killed roughly 150,000 people.

Ok, for comparison:
In the Second World War, 55 MILLION lives were lost total. Our bombs make up a stagering .27% of that. Wow.

The Mongols killed 40 million in the 13th century.

Joseph Stalin killed 20 million.

The holocaust number is 6 million.

Sooo...we have an impressive display of might and will that stops global war at 55 million, costing .27% of that total. Seems to me they should be thanking God for this gift which brought us temporary peace.


Quipper said...

I don't believe we need to understand these people, as libs might try to convince us to do. Just get them some strait jackets and padded rooms, and everything will be fine.

Throw Falwell and Howard Dean in there for good measure, too.

Quipper said...

Oops, I meant Pat Robertson. Heck, throw Falwell in, too.