Monday, June 19, 2006

Selfish Benevolence

I rightfully admit it. I am selfish, and try to do what's best for me in everything I do. Not consciously, necessarily, but still looking to do things for my benefit. But I figure I'm not alone. (I believe that's a condition of the fall of man.)

From the girl who teaches her little brother how to play a game - which just so happens to be her favorite game - to the soup kitchen volunteer, to the manager who is "just trying to better his team", there is always something in it for the doer.

How many times can we truly say we have done something solely for the betterment of others, without us receiving any benefit whatsoever?

Sing along, everybody:
I'm self-centered
he's self-centered
she's self-centered
we're self-centered
wouldn't you like to be self-centered, too!

The Quipper


Scott said...

Does helping somebody else move count?

Oops. I just blew it by tooting the horn! lol!!

I am a great person. Humble too!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Scott, you unselfishly, um, showed your appreciation for your Father's Day gift by staying down the basement all day playing it. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket! :)

I guess there's a reason God tells us to love others like we love ourselves.