Thursday, September 28, 2006

Apples to Apples

I guess I've had a lot to say this week. That happens once in a while. :-)

No, this is not a comparison between the Browns and Raiders. Although it is in preparation for one of those teams first wins (hopefully, Cleveland's), so I need to post, at last, the long awaited answer to the last test.

The class was small - thanks Kayla - but scored well.

The question: what's wrong with this picture?

The answer: representation. If the media wants to compare Muslims to Christians, use the same class of each. Extreme vs. extreme, moderate (i.e. non-practicing) vs. moderate, even liberal vs. liberal. Or, in religous terms, orthodox vs. orthodox. NOT orthodox vs. unorthodox (oops, I mean heterodox). And don't pit fundamental Christians against moderate Muslims. The outcome is predictable.

When this debate does occur it should be framed around the core principles of each religion. Isn't that what you would do if you were comparing Buddhism and Hinduism, or even athiesm and Christianity? Why forsake good debate in order to make one party look good, and the other party look bad. Let the parties define themselves by defending their core principles.

Kayla, you get an A+ and extra credit for the Hendi observation. Hendi's "first coming", per se, hasn't occurred yet, while Christians are awaiting the second coming.

BTW...throwing in Ran Dather was a ruse, a mere afterthought to the point of the question. I wanted to poke a little fun at my favorite anchor. (Wow, what a perfectly descriptive word for him.)

To see the first test, see here and here.

Shameless plug - Running in Circles plays at the Mayfield Boneyard tomorrow night (Friday, Sept 29). We will start at 10:30pm. See you there.


Emily said...

which one is the mayfeild one?
the one far away thats like a chuckie cheese for adults?
or the nice one that lets people in? =P

MyUtopia said...

I like the game apples to apples.

Quipper said...

Emily - yes, it's the Mayfield one. :p

Marge - never heard of it. What is it?

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Apples to Apples is a fun game! Each person gets I think five cards, each with something on them like "your grandmother," "Godzilla," "a princess," "fishing." Then one person draws a descriptive card, like "funny," "dirty," "boring." The other players all must choose one card from their hand that they think best fits that description and pass it to the person with the descriptive card. That person picks which card *they* think fits the descriptive word best, and the winner gets the descriptive card as a "point." Then the next person gets to pick a descriptive card, and so on. I know Glenn Beck talks up this game a lot, but myutopia probably heard about this game at a gaming convention, which is where my DH bought our set. We also have the kids' version, with simple words!