Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Morning After

It's now 12:05pm on Saturday. We had a great gig last night, playing at one of the establishments in Cleveland's "Warehouse District", which is the you-have-to-be-there spot for anyone who cares about that type of thing. The almost-gridlock traffic in the early morning attests to this, I guess.

I got home late. Okay, so what is "late" when I'm usually getting home from a gig a little before 3:00am? How about 4:00am, due to equipment taking longer than normal to take down, and our drummer getting a flat tire, and needing my jack for assistance. (We couldn't get his jack out of his car, which is a Honda Element. Guess he needs to talk to the dealer about that.)

So, having been awake for a mere 90 minutes, ears still ringing, eyes still glassy, body awake but mind sleeping, I navigated through some blogs, courtesy of Mrs. Quipper. What I found were two great posts from Eating Words. While my ears are still ringing and my eyes are still somewhat glassy - why am I looking at a computer monitor, you say? - I am now mentally awake.


Jonathan said...

We are nuts (I say "we", because I do the late night web "surfing" sometimes).
What drives some of us to waste (or spend) time on the internet late at night when we're dead tired, we have work the next day and our lonely wives are waiting in bed?!

Quipper said...

J - Mrs. Quipper and I compete for "last spouse standing" honors. During baseball season, she is usually up long after I've gone to bed. Check out my Homestead Lutheran Academy link to see what Mrs. Quipper is usually up to.