Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Midwest Broward, part II, or..."Click"

If you haven't read part I, see here.

Dialogue with friendly Board of Elections crank:

Q: Hello, my name is "Fred". I am calling because I registered for an absentee ballot, but got rejected because I am not a registered voter. However, I've voted for the past nine years in the same precinct.

BOE crank: What's your address?

Q: It is 12000 Smith Street. But I think I know where the problem is....

BOE crank: If you're gonna give me problems, sir, I will redirect your call. I am not going to put up with an attitude this morning.

Hmmm...no attitude, no anger, just wanting to offer a theory, based on the fact my mailing address had one too many zeros in it . Some people wake up on the wrong side of the bed, no matter which side.

BOE crank continues: Why were you calling?

Q: My registration for an absentee ballot was rejected, like I said before.

Click. Bzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Yep. Click. As in, "sayanora, sucker!".

Don't worry, I got her back. My cell phone lost its connection the next three times I tried talking with her again. LOL!

The lady did eventually resolve my problem, and managed to give me a lecture on what good customer service is and how she provided it to me. I could even learn a lesson from her, she said. I guess that means that, next time someone asks for my help, I'll hang up on them.



Barb the Evil Genius said...

Oooooh, I'd be steaming after that. I woulda hung up during her customer service spiel. You can always try to claim "disenfranchisement."

Marie N. said...

I still think a call to her supervisor (after the elections is certified) is in order.

What did you say you were doing with your hands?

Quipper said...

Um...giving half a peace sign?

I was a bad boy.

Anonymous said...

I would have screamed at her for trying to disenfranchise me based on my race.

I woulda.

Idiots. And these are the people in control of the system that determines our government. Oy vey.

What is that quote about the tree of Liberty? Watered with what? The blood of patriots and tyranical Board of Elections morons?

Definitely call the supervisor. Now. ;-)

Quipper said...

I would have screamed, too. But I was calling from my comfy cube at work, trying not to bother my diligently working peers.

I still want to wait until after Mrs. Quipper and I both receive our absentee ballots. No need to become disenfranchised again.

Jane said...

Having seen the election from the inside (election inspector) for the past several elections, I could propose a whole bunch of reforms. One of the first would be firing most of the people who work for the elections board.

(I would also like to ban democrat party hacks from standing outside my polling place asking everyone if they got to vote and getting those who didn't, for legitimate reasons, like they were at the wrong precinct, whipped into a frenzy.)

Quipper said...

Jane - totally agree with your last point. I prefer that no party-affiliated hacks be allowed within a parking lots distance of the voting location. You can't be "helped" while voting if no one is there to "help" you.