Friday, September 22, 2006

Cover up, please!

It's good to be home again, eating home made food, and being with Mrs. Quipper and the kids. The travel was okay, but I started to loathe eating; I had to force myself to eat dinner last night, and went without one meal two other days this week.

Those of you that have seen me around a pot luck are probably shocked to hear that I got sick of food. :-)

Anyhoo...I got to the airport today around lunch time - there I go, using food as a time reference - and what do I see? Denim mini-skirts. Tight t-shirts and tank tops. Low neck lines. Lots of over-tanned skin revealed. Low-rider jeans, and shirts that don't meet the waistline.

But, these weren't teenie-boppers and college kids dressing in the latest bimbo clothes. These were ladies in their late 30s to low 50s. Ladies trying to be their teenage daughter's best friends. Or worse, just plain denying their age (and maturity).

Ladies, and I use the term "loosely", let me make this plain and simple. You are not in high school any more. You are not in college. And you - being in Florida - may be looking for spouse number "x", trying to look attractive. Cover up, please. You're making me gag.


scott said...

"just plain denying their age (and maturity)."

What maturity?

Welcome home.

Quipper said...

Yeah, a negative reading on the mature-o-meter.

It's good to be back.