Saturday, September 23, 2006

Evil vs. Evil

WARNING! The event you are about to observe is only a test.

Yes, Quipper is posting another test, in the form of a "debate".

The mediator is none other than the middle-of-the-road, fair reporter himself...Ran Dather. Ran has quite a portfolio of, ahem, journalistic experience. He has manipulated - er, facilitated - debates in the past, and is quite skilled at maintaining an unbiased view of hot-button topics such as document forging and drug use.

Representing party #1: Halleleuja! Robertson. A man who tells it like it is, because God tells him what to say. And, when Mr. Halleleuja! gets a message from God, he can't be wrong. (Loose-jaw Falwell was unavailable for the debate, and sent his regrets.) H!R. has a longstanding case of foot-in-mouth disease, and has the delusional impression that he represents all Christians. After all, he has a successful television empire, doesn't he? God would never let him have that if he wasn't the best steward of the flock.

Representing party #2: Imam Yahya Hendi, Georgetown University chaplain. A man who represents all that is good, kind and loving about the Muslim religion. Mr. Blather and his associates at BS News attempted to find a suitable photo for this debate, but could not find one. Imam Hendi, and hundreds of other Imams from newly-built mosques all across the United States, were falling all over each other in an attempt to participate in this debate. Being a well-educated man working for Georgetown, a university of academic excellence based in Washington, D.C., no one better could have been selected to represent peace loving Muslims in the United States.

The topic of the debate? It doesn't matter.

The question: what's wrong with this picture?

Answer coming before the Browns win a football game. (Now, watch, they'll win tomorrow. In that case, then answer coming before the Browns win two football games.)


Kayla said...

I was never a fan of "Ran Dather"
BTW, love the nickname..

Robinson may have his heart in the right place (at times), but
ABSOLUTELY has foot in mouth disease of the highest degree.
Extremism is never the way...
Nor false endearments..

In general, what's wrong with this picture?
Poor representation, for one.
Unfair media politics for another.

Frankly, what's wrong?
Hendi is still waiting for the Messiah

I (think) I know where you stand, Quipper, and I hope I have not alienated you with my views.

Quipper said...

Kayla - I'm not alienated at all by your views. Stay tuned for the "teacher's answers" some time in the near future.