Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting Fatter

Did you know that Brown University conducted a study on college freshman to see if they really gain weight or not? They do, to the tune of 5-8 pounds. And sophomores gain 3-5 pounds. And men gain more than women.


No...not, "why do men gain more than women?" Or, "why 5-8 pounds as freshmen, but less as sophomores?"

No...why conduct the study? It's just more fat at the academic level. Tell me how this knowledge fosters utility - the greatest good for the greatest number? I don't believe it does. It simply provides another excuse for academia to get its hands on more government funds; another entitled entity, if you will.

I do believe that there are plenty of valid studies conducted by universities. But why this one? Who, in the upper echelons of funds distribution, decided this was just use of funds? They should be drawn and quartered.

When university departments have full-timers whose primary responsibility is to draft requests for grants, there's a problem. Talk about pork. Sheesh!

And the answers to the "why" you thought I asked? Simple: beer, fast food and lots of sitting. That's why.


Des_Moines_Girl said...

Speaking of useless studies...

Hubby tells me that our own Senator Tom Harkin (a.k.a. Tommy the Commie*) when he was in the U.S. House of Reps introduced a bill to fund a study of the sexual orientation of sea gulls. In other words, he wasted tax payer money to find out if some sea gulls are gay.

Not sure why Iowans would care about sea gulls (gay or otherwise).

...sigh... Our tax dollars at work.

*Hubby came up with this nickname.

Quipper said...

Hey DMG,

If the shoe fits on the (hack, cough) Honorable Mr. Harkin, he should wear it.

Anonymous said...

But did you hear about the nose picking study?

Quipper said...

Anonymous: Eeeew. I went to the site. That was certainly an interesting tidbit to, um, digest.

Melynda Hoffman said...

Yes!! I grossed out a boy! (Anonymous) ;p

Quipper said...


Welcome! Don't know how you got here, but I visited your blog today. If you look around my favorites, you'll run across a number of homeschoolers, including me and my wife. Enjoy!