Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here's Smoke In Your Eye

Facts is facts:

Facts about me
Fact 1: I am an asthmatic and do not smoke. Never have, never will. I use two inhalers daily to control my asthma.
Fact 2: I am allergic to cigarette smoke.
Fact 3: I play in a band -> bands play in bars -> bars in Cleveland allow smoking
Fact 4: It is MY CHOICE to avail myself to cigarette smoke.

Facts about smoking
Fact 5: Nicotine is not an illegal drug
Fact 6: You are allowed to possess and carry nicotine
Fact 7: Distribution of nicotine in any form is not a crime

There are two issues on the Ohio November ballot regarding smoking. I received an anti-smoking group's "Vote Yes/No" promotion in the mail yesterday. I knew nothing about these issues, and need to review them. For the most part, if I believe the anti-smoking propaganda: we are all going to die from second hand smoke; children will grow up with two heads and fourteen toes; and everyone will leave the state if we don't go smokeless (oops, that's happening already, duh).

I am fed up with this, stuff. If our elected officials would govern instead of politic, two things would have happened already:

1. FDA declares nicotine illegal, and it's a banned substance. No more issue.
2. Governments, as they always do, find another way to tax us that doesn't rely on cigarette consumption.

Really, how much money has been wasted in campaigns, how much time wasted, how much political capital expended for what should be a "once and done" issue?

Stupid politicians. Wimpiness rules. We lose.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Well, think how much money has been wasted on promoting Learn and Earn. When we were at Tower City this Sunday, one storefront area in the mall was plastered with Learn and Earn signs. Not sure if that was their campaign headquarters or what. If only they had just put that money into textbooks. Think of the children!

I think I've said this before, but this is one reason I just can't stand Triv. He still insists that gambling is the answer to Cleveland's financial problems.

Anonymous said...

Outlaw nicotine and the economy collapses. Have any idea how much tax revenue is made from the smokers? Non smokers should be thanking the smokers for all the new stadiums, highways, etc etc.

And, on the gambling issue, What a name!!! Learn and Earn?? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!ONEone!!eleven!

Are we really that stupid?

Quipper said...


Learn and Earn is another shell game, courtesy of political dufuses in Ohio. Go figger.

Give Trive some time; he's matured a lot in his views over the last 6-8 years. We can't fix him completely overnight. ;-)


I know. People won't deal with the consequences of making a decision. There is job security in ambiguity, especially in politics.

I say, leave things as is, and make the people responsible for their decisions. But that's not politically acceptable, either.

Attempting to legislate discretion sucks.

Quipper, NWA

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Too much tax revenue is generated from smoking - they'll never ban it.

FYI - I once read an article that said the gov. actually saves money when people die early from smoking because they don't have to pay for them to be on medicare/medicaid.

So when states say they need money to help pay for the medical costs of smoking it's all just a big, steaming pile of B.S. They end up using the money as a slush fund for other projects. How sick is that? :-/