Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Winner Take All

Warning: political rant.

Shouldn't the leaders of your political party of choice want all of their candidates to win? Logically, one would think the answer is "Yes, we want to win it all, every time." Here in the great state of Ohio, where I live in Broward County, Midwest edition, the answer is "no".

The great thing about this is that neither political party is really going hog wild over its candidate for governor. So, we are talking about a battleground state, having a miserable economy and people leaving in droves, with increasing taxes and a poor method for raising skoul funds (don't even get me started on the topics of tax levys and school funding - leave it for another post), this is the perfect location for either political party to take a fervent stand for their candidate.

It turns out both parties believe their candidate is not truly representative of who they want to support. One is too conservative (and black - I thought the Republican party was trying to "reach out"?), the other is too inconsistent (he is pro-gun as a liberal Democrat). But, one of them will win.

Welcome to the great state of Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Danger Will Robinson!!!

Ted Strickland is rated "A" by the NRA and "30%" by NARAL.

The Gun nuts love him, the murdering hordes of abortion fanatics hate him!!!!!!
Ted on the Issues.

Blackwell has the endorsement of several gun groups, is pro-life, etc.

Whoooaaaaa....I feel kinda dizzy...

But ya know, they'll say anything to get elected. Then, once elected, they'll say anything to stay elected.

Tough choice. I think the dems will take it tho, based on the fact that the R side of the coin has screwed us hard lately.

Then we can talk about Strickland Ohio,


Anonymous said...

Well, I screwed up the HTML there....

Below the Blackwell sentence should have been a link to blackwell's site:

And the last sentence should read "Then we can talk about strickland Ohio, Propane and Propane accessories" and was supposed to be a link to this:


Quipper said...

Scott is de-techie-ing. :p

So, I vote for someone with whom I disagree 80% of the time, or for someone whose party leadership doesn't want to win.

Whatta state!?!?#&*%#&^$%!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Okay, I'm guessing you disagree with Blackwell 80% of the time. So, why?

Anonymous said...

I think it's the Elephant side of the coin that doesn't want to win...

I could run as a constitution party candidate...Is it too late to get on the ballot???


Quipper said...


Scott is right. The Elephant lost its brain, its way, its's just lost.

(Yes, Grammar Nazis, I used "its" and "it's", properly, in the same sentence. :p)


I think it's too late. Sorry. It would be a significant pay upgrade and a pretty good pension, too.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Sorry, I guess I was more tired last night than I thought.