Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I've Got Something To Say

And Imagonnasayit!

Mrs. Quipper and I received our absentee ballots yesterday, courtesy of Midwest Broward's Board of Elections. I will be exercising my right to select the best of bad candidates, or no candidates at all. And I will gladly shoot down any issue that attempts to extract more money from my pocketbook, or make the use of legal substances, like nicotine, illegal.

And I get to do it at home. In front of my computer. Investigating any issues and candidates on which I need more info before fulfilling my right/obligation.

And I will make a copy of my responses, just in case Midwest Broward loses my results. :-o

What a country! What a state? What a county. (sob)


Lutheran Lucy said...

Quipper, we don't have good choices either! It is so pathetic and so sad. Our state used to have a great governor who had our state in great shape. However, it is in a sad way now financially and morally. I hope you can find someone worth voting for!

Our pastor was talking today about our country and his opinion that we are in the "short time", the end of the end times. He also stated and often states that he doesn't know when Christ will return more than anyone else. He just believes that satan (I will not uppercase his name!) is on the loose now. I dread what our children or even we will face and see; however, in the end, no matter what we go through, we will be with Christ for eternity. I find that the worse our country gets, the more I yearn for Christ's return. No matter how much we love our spouses and families, only He can bring TRUE PEACE. Won't that be great when we gaze upon His face on THAT DAY? :)

Quipper said...

And until then, we continue in our vocations, using the talents that God has given us.

Can the Browns just win one game before the end?