Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here We Go Again

In football, when "root for the home team" means you cheer on your favorite college team two hours south of you, it's not a good NFL season. I believe insanity is doing the same things over, yet expecting different results. So why do I watch the Browns on television?

I dunno.

At least I had a decent diversion today; I did some online training for work. Actually, it wasn't as good of a diversion as I had hoped. :-(

This week's Idiot of the Week Awards are brought to you in the colors of the Browns, black and blue.

Win - Maurice "Plug" Carthon, Browns OC. Again, I watched the opposing offensive coordinator make just enough adjustments for his faltering offense to pull out a win. Brownies offense only plays well when it plays desperately. Maybe that is a better plan than having a plan. Why "Plug"? Easy, we should pull him.

Place - Joe Jurevicius - yeah, he caught a touchdown pass. But, he decided to use his body to catch, I mean drop, two other passes. Use your hands, man, that's why God gave them to you. Duh!

Show - Charlie Frye, quarterback. Several more bad decisions today, and bad mechanics, too. Looks like he's just waiting to get hit.

Honorable Mention - Tim McCarver, color analyst for Fox during the World Series. He called Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, catcher for the Tigers, a "natural born Hall of Famer". Huh? That's just so dumb, I have no further comment.

Kudos to the Buckeyes for trouncing Indiana. That's the way it should be.

And, I am starting to believe that the Browns actually have a decent defense. Now, if the offense would stop taking the qualudes right before game time....


Lutheran Lucy said...

Hey Quipper, I bet Scottius will agree with you about McCarver! I don't know enough about the others to comment! :)

Well, we knew this would be a rough game tonight with Kenny Rogers pitching, but the Cards will be at it again Tuesday night! They have been fun to watch in this post-season! Now did you and Marie watch this game together? :)

Thank you for your comment tonight about praying for us and our adoption. We appreciate it. God's plan is always better, but hopefully it isn't too dramatic of a change which involves traveling to a foreign country to get our baby!! That isn't the plan I had (or we had)in mind!! :) By the way, the reason I am responding to your comment on your blog is because our computer doesn't show my two new posts yet! Anyway,I have been wanting to visit your blog again. I have just had so little time for blogging or even visiting blogs these past couple of months! That's okay, that time will come again. I am not complaining - I am content! Take care Rick! You and Marie are in my prayers too! Blessings!

Quipper said...

Hey Lucy,

Thanks for stopping by again. Blogging is fun, but we all have bigger fish to fry at times.

In your browser, if you hit the refresh icon (the piece of paper with two circular arrows), or the F5 button, your Blogger page should refresh. I have a similar issue with Mozilla, and frequently need to refresh blogs.

Go Cards!