Thursday, February 07, 2008

Class Action

Can I sue the Republican Party?

That's a serious question.

The Republican Party has given up the ship. Every remotely conservative candidate is out of the race. Except for Ron Paul, of course, for whom no "thinking" conservative would ever cast a vote. Well, that's what the media AND the Republican leadership say, isn't it.

Since the Republican Party is no longer as advertised, what is the opportunity for filing a class action lawsuit against the party for false advertising? The Dems are bozos, idiots, pacifists, , but for the most part, they are as advertised. The same cannot be said for Republicans.

Since I am still a member of the Republican Party due to the one $30 donation I made fifteen years ago, and the party has left me, can I seriously consider creating a class action lawsuit against the idiots who try to tell me, "I represent you, dammit, so vote for me!"?


Dana said...

Don't be so pessimistic! I know a good Republican in office...several of them, actually. The presidency is not the end all and be all of the Republican Party.

It may be if we continue to focus on it to the neglect of our local politics, but if all of our attention is focused on who is on the White House, I think that is indicative of where our true problems lie.

We don't care about our own communities. We don't care about local politics. We don't even bother to vote for local politicians in "off" years. Because we don't care. We are guilty of the same thing we rail against everyone else about...looking to the central government for a solution to our problems.

Rick said...

Hi Dana,

I saw your latest post, and added most of my comments there.

There is a difference between a "conservative" and a "Republican", and we must be aware of that difference.

When we chose to home school, we didn't choose the best of two potentially improving options (private and public schools), but elected the best option for us. We should vote the same way.