Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fine Tuning

It was time to clean up the right side of my blog. I like the not-so-new Blogger, but there is some formatting I would still like to do on my own. Being relatively HTML-ignorant, I was helped immensely by this site for making the little changes that I wanted to make.

What did I do?

  • I removed the CLC Radio graphic, and replaced it with a link in 'My Links'.
  • I put all my links into one form. I also added the links Scott and I had on the Patriots & Tyrants site, and then added a sports links section.
  • I removed the Labels section. I display the labels at the bottom of each post, so I didn't see the necessity of cluttering up the right side of the blog with that info.
  • I added more AdSense stuff, and will likely add an Amazon or Musicians Friend store in the near future. (Thanks for the idea, Scott!)
'Tis all for now. Have a great weekend!


Scott said...

Don't see no adsense.

The labels section is for in case you want your readers to be able to say "Hmm...I like what he said there about politics. What else does he say about it."

Of course that requires a judicious and possibly more general use of labels. I read some blogs where the author makes the label almost the same as the post title. That's no help.


I like the clean look. I'm shopping for something new meself.

Rick said...

Adsense: below my profile and above 'my links'. Also after every third post.

Yeah, I knew what the labels were for. Too much clutter, though. If they like a political post, they can click on the 'politics' label at the end of the post.